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"One more thing" Review

I was in the Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow, Russia when I got through most of this book, "One More Thing." An idiosyncratic hyperbole that mirrors the dry comedy B.J. Novak is notoriously known for churning out.

Recognized by some as Ryan from 'The Office" (a show that had its moments, but overall in my opinion dragged on 9 seasons too long), is not for the weak at heart. An anthology of short stories trying to come across as anecdotal and deep (yes I said it), probably lost most of it's readers along the way.

To be honest, if this book had been written by an average Joe, it would have never seen the light of day.

Okay, there were a couple of stories I did mildly enjoy, even found humorous. But majority of them drudged on trying to come across as profound; or were cut too short, leaving readers in an esoteric stupor.

I suppose that was one of the many things that annoyed me. His works never felt fully fleshed out, as though he was unaware to the usage of prose or description. And I have read my share of literature to know it can be done, no matter how scant. This honestly just felt lazy.

Now although I would love the delve further into the diatribe belonging to some of these short stories, most of them are reliant upon the element of surprise. Which in my opinion fall flat. But I get the feeling the author would try and defend his work with a simple, " You just don't understand."

But the thing is, I do understand, and quite well. There are better ways for authors to get across bizarre characters, and anecdotal themes then through blunt trauma. Which is the way a lot of these stories felt...blunt....and....painfully traumatic.

Now I also understand a writer can do whatever the hell he/she wants, right? They have that right. Though we all know, if you want to make a living at it, it has to be somewhat relate-able to readers, and this was not. So my advice to B.J. Novak is that he should keep his day job as a screenwriter and practice creative writing in his spare time, so one day he might be able to redeem himself. 1 1/2 stars is my vote for "One More Thing."


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