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I would like to start off this entry with my recent trip to Amsterdam. Having just got back a few days ago, I have spent the last couple of days catching up on sleep and wading through 246 unanswered work emails. Which leads me to the question, how did we "Humans" agree to such a diabolical arrangement? But that is a question for another time.

I'm starting this blog because after five years of working on a Young-Adult novel with my Bestie and finally completing it, I think it's time to connect with some potential readers. I haven't done this blogging thing in a while, and can safely say the last time I wrote a personal entry anywhere was on Xanga. Gasp! I know, that was like a hundred years ago. Totally a different lifetime. But here I am again taking on the interwebs, hoping to make some lasting connections.

So it is to the past that I take this conversation. First I would like to gush about how amazing Amsterdam was, and how if anybody has the opportunity to go, they should!

Check out this view, just wow. Photo taken at Groenburgwal Canal.  

I ended up staying at The Student Hotel since I was traveling solo, and renting a bike on-site for the next couple of days.

Heads up, Amsterdam is a biking city with bike trails everywhere

So it can either be convenient or annoying, depending on the person. I found it very convenient as I could spend ten minutes cycling to the heart of the city that's bustling with life or twenty minutes outside of the city limits like I did to see the windmills.

This also happen to be the spot where the famous painter Rembrandt drew a lot of inspiration from. I ended up parking my bike and just sitting in the grass. Turns out it's the perfect place to draw a ton of inspiration, as ideas for a second novel began churning rapidly through my head. Amsterdam also has tons of museums, restaurants, and people of all walks of life. I can safely say I never had lunch or dinner alone as I always met someone new to share a meal with and have deep conversations about politics, family, travel, and higher education. To say the least, this was one of the best trips I have ever had and wished I could have stayed longer. But there's always next time.

Now to get some feedback from you guys, I would love to know what I'm missing from this entry and what would you guys like to read in the future. Let me know in the comment section below and I'll add it in!


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