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Bibliophile vs. Bibliophagist

Updated: May 14, 2018

Recently I was asked why I chose to use the word bibliophagist to describe myself and not its common, more attractive looking cousin bibliophile.

To be frank, bibliophile over time has become one those words believed to have interchangeable meanings, when in actuality bibliophile is not as fluid as some people like to pretend.

While bibliophile means "a lover of books." Bibliophagist means "a devourer of books" ie. (a voracious reader) which in a way, could describe me.

This is what happens when you run out of bookshelf space.  Your nightstand turns into a nightmare.

Now not to say I couldn't die happy surrounded by stacks of books. I just happen to enjoy reading more, hence why I have adapted such a strident sounding word. Not only is it correct in meaning, I believe it suits me well.


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