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Why I have to budget

Updated: May 14, 2018

Between Uber and books, I can safely say these products are the voids in which my money constantly disappears into.

Living in Dallas, Texas pretty much guarantees you have to drive. With everything being so far away a car is an essential necessity that I have come to loathe. I really don't like driving. Even though I'am a good driver thanks to my parents and tons of road trips to Oklahoma and California, I've out grown it. So Uber is the wonderful option I've have succumbed to. And I love it. For the first time in years I no longer find myself behind the wheel of a car. On top of that, it's terribly affordable: 4 bucks to the grocery store, 5 bucks to Barnes and Noble. For twenty bucks I can get all around Dallas without having to look for parking spaces and deal with crazy drivers. Which is in excess for some reason in DFW (Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex).

Driving is actually the reason why I moved to downtown Dallas from Las Colinas five years ago, so I didn't have to hop in the car for every little thing. And anyone who uses Uber, knows there's a such thing as being Uber-happy. Using Uber for every little thing even though you have two perfectly good cars parked in the garage. I suppose the ease of just opening an App and pushing a button leads to over spending, which easily can dip into my book budget. Which happens every time I end up in a bookstore. I just become elated and want everything.


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