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Excuse my sub-par editing skills : /

A quick trip down memory lane. I remember when I was younger my father actually looked down on fiction, told me it was no better than watching television, and that I should invest my time in actual school required textbooks books rather than a slew of novels.

Err, okay no.

Was pretty much my reaction, as I was a bull headed child, who felt very strong about my opinions. Though I never voiced them out loud. I allowed my father to think what he wanted and continue to complain about my reading list.

You see from a very young age I knew I wanted to be a writer, and any good writer knows that excessive reading go hand and hand with learning how to be a good writer. So naturally I didn't listen.

But the complaints didn't stop with my father. As other family members and associates soon found my hobby unhealthy. And I'm sure some of you have heard these before.

  • Fiction isn't real, so why bother? Because, uh, it's fun...

  • That much escapism isn't healthy! You opinion isn't healthy.

  • Your missing out on real life by spending so much time reading!

  • So you must want to be an author if you read so much? FYI, not everyone who reads a lot wants to be a writer.

  • Isn't YA just for Young Adults?....No honey, it's not.

  • Whats your favorite book! Umm, I've read too many books to have a particular favorite.

  • Isn't book club for older aunts and grandmotherly types? And yet again, no.

  • And oh my favorite! Do you really need more books?

Yes! Yes I need more books. Like really? One can never have too many book. Like who comes up with this stuff!?

Which takes me back to a story when my grandmother gave me birthday money, and I spent all of it in a bookstore (I know... major nerd move), but the worst of it was I accidentally admitted to my cousins that I had done such. Proudly showing them my two stacks of books ----Pretty sure after that we became estranged.


But reflecting now, I realize I wasn't the weird one. It's just that some people will never understand you and your hobby, and that's alright. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I just wished sometimes people would stop and think before voicing questions that they could have answered themselves, and had simply just pondered for a moment.

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